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We are Tong Hin Polystyrene (THP®) manufacturing company located in Malaysia and has established since 1997. Throughout the steadfast commitment and continuous effort that we had contributed. Now, we are No. One (1) PS Compressed Foam Core Board producer in Southeast Asia (SEA) and in line with our great expansion into international market. We are presently looking for highly potential business entrepreneur to join our dynamic team and become one of our THP® Authorized Distributor in helping us to discover global opportunities in PS Compressed Foam Core Board distribution channel at the foreign market.

In general, we are specializing in comprehensive and individualized foam board design and fabricate to domestic and global markets. The PS foam lines are suitable for mass production of extruded foam and are backed by about 20 years of engineering experience in the design and manufacture of all types of plastic board lines which meet the market demands. The end products obtained by the THP® expanded polystyrene technology are in sheet and board foam. The sheet is used as thermo foamed or, when laminated with paper, for packaging, advertising, or didactics.

With the vision to be No. 1 in Asia, our mission is to plan and focus on achieving significant growth with great possibilities and opportunities to extend us in customizing and manufacturing processes. We always add on our talents in our dynamic learning environment and bringing in new advanced technologies roadmaps to achieve remarkable results to our customers. With the help of every employee putting in their earnest effort and this effort will always helping us for being able to face the challenges from our competitors globally.
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