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THP Silkscreen Color Foam Board are manufactured with resilient polystyrene foam cores with high quality silkscreen ink printing. The color board features a smooth, semi-gloss finish, which provides a terrific screen printable surface. The core has built in memory, allowing it to return to its original thickness after cutting.

Conveniently light weight yet sturdy enough to resist denting. Designed to facilitate clean, crisp cuts and edges with white or brilliant color and smooth finish. We have more than 26 vibrant colors for you to choose. Also, we have basic, fluorescent, metallic, luminous color types. PS Color foam board makes your work easier and notice.
Pure WHITE GPPS RESINS (HH30) RoHS Compliance extruded Polystyrene Compressed Foam Core Board c/w more than 24 solvent based brilliant colors single-sided direct silkscreen printing. Color type are basic, fluorescent, metallic and luminous available.
Ultra-Lightweight, Low Water Absorption, Smoothness & Flatness, Cost Effective and Great Conventional Materials Replacement with its diverse range of transformation. Super-Lightweight Colourful PS Compressed Foam Board. Strong and rigid for presentations, signs, posters, displays, architectural models or mounting and educational materials. Smooth surface accepts screen printing, glue, paint or markers.
All educational arts & crafts frequent used material, departmental & office decorating & designing of backdrop, signs, pricing, notice, chart and wording fabricating, it is also being part of advertising tool and etc. All creative and designing works esp. Advertising, Interior Decorating, Convention Trade Fair booth making, Educational assignments and etc, picture framing, Architectural modern making, 3D puzzle, Backdrop and there are a lot more unbelievable projects waiting for you to discover together with us.
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