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An extruded PS foam core and HIPS film coated on both sides of the plain board. Good dimensional strength, balanced properties and good resistance features. It has an excellent smoothness, flatness, durability and high level of Moisture resistance or other impurities in the air from getting into the board. So, HIPS is able to serve as protective sheet to plain board and as keeps its own characteristic, especially flatness and color long lasting.

After laminated on Polystyrene foam board, it gives the foam board a resilience that regular foam board doesn’t exit. THP®HIPS film coating is available as thin as 0.08mm – 0.3mm. HIPS is relatively low cost because of its good impact strength at low temperature. It is typically used for home appliances, office & stationery usage, toys, departmental store, advertiser, event planner and etc.
Pure WHITE GPPS RESINS (HH30) RoHS Compliance extruded Polystyrene Compressed Foam. Core Board c/w double-sided HIPS Film coating.
Ultra-Lightweight, Low Water Absorption, Smoothness & Flatness, Cost Effective and Great Conventional Materials Replacement with its diverse range of transformation.
All creative and designing works esp. Advertising, Interior Decorating, Convention Trade Fair booth. Making and etc, picture framing, Architectural modern making, 3D puzzle, POP signs, Posters and there are a lot more unbelievable projects waiting for you to discover together with us.
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